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The current database of drawings contains over 350 venues with more than 500 drawings. As Modelbox is regularly adding to this list, please contact us for latest list of venues. To view low quality images of our files please have a look at the Online Shop. 


  • We  sell our drawings. on paper (via the online shop) and 'skin' (please phone for details).

  • We allow our clients to access the drawings electronically via our license scheme.

We would also be happy to include your theatre in our database. We can create electronic (CAD) drawings of your theatre from paper, from other CAD drawings or from a survey. We have created drawings from surveys of over 50 venues, including West End, large and small provincial theatres...and even a Broadway theatre.


We also now allow venues to buy the drawing(s) of their venues for their own use - please contact us direct to discuss.

Please note - we also have a small database of exhibition venues - for information about these, please contact Modelbox 

your venue




Modelbox are pleased to plot your own files to your specification. We have facilities to plot on paper, glossy paper, 'skin' (polyester/tracing) to any size up to A0+ in colour or black & white. 

You can email the file to us and we will plot it for you and forward the printed copies to your distribution list - you don't even have to leave your home or office! 

We have facilities to plot from various formats - both on the MAC and PC and support most major software packages, especially AutoCAD (from R12 to R2021).

Translation between various formats can be achieved should that be required. We are constantly adding new file formats to our supported range so please contact us for our latest information. 

Modelbox can also produce high quality colour images on paper up to A0+. This can be a cost effective way of producing a limited number of posters or set decorations. 


Pricing varies dependant on size, quantity, media & quantity, but can be as low as £10 per print - for more information please ring us on +44 (0)1837 810923


Modelbox also offer special rates to students and educational bodies. Please contact Modelbox direct for Educational discounts.

design services

set & lighting (LX) plan drawing

Our plan drawing service offers the designer a flexible means of producing plans. We are pleased to take hand drawn plans, a few scratchings on a piece of paper or sets of drawings and turn them into a full plan. And, we always aim to customize plans to the format the particular designer is used to. If the designer prefers to draw their own plan we would be equally pleased to handle the plotting and distributing.

TGOTT02N set.jpg

tour planning

Our most popular service is tour planning. Once a CAD drawing of the set has been made, it is a simple and quick operation to insert it into one or more of our venue drawings to see if it fits. If required, we can continue by making necessary changes to suit the theatre - adjusting the set; aligning flying pieces with the fly bars; adding the lighting; etc. The designer/production manager will be sent copies of the drawing in PDF format to check until they are happy.

Costs are dependant on how much time is needed editing, but we only charge for time used and therefore can be a very cost  effective way of planning a tour.

TGOTT02N in theatrel.jpg
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