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 modelbox lighting symbols

Modelbox had always offered free CAD lighting symbols for you to download and use for your own purposes.  We still offer these, but it should be noted that they haven't been updated in a long time and we have no plans to do so, and recent new lanterns (moving lights/LED) have not been added. But if they are of any use to you, help yourself!

The files are grouped together in a ZIP files, and need to be extracted once downloaded. Hopefully the filenames explain what fittings they relate to.

The files are Autocad R14 format and are drawn in metric so will need to be re-scaled for imperial (US) use (use a factor of 25.4 to convert mm to inches). They have attributes (gel, patch, dimmer, etc) in them.

downloadable lantern files

By clicking on the item, you will download a ZIP file which needs to be extracted to your hard disk to access the CAD files.




generic fresnels

generic follow spots

generic pars

generic profiles


Selecon (more)



tv & film

By downloading the files, you agree that modelbox accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the files

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