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Modelbox is the UK's leading theatre orientated CAD (computer aided drawing) specialist. It maintains database of CAD drawings of over 300 theatres and other venues throughout Britain and around the world.


After 15 years being part of the White Light Group, Modelbox moved on. Although maintaining a close working relationship with White Light, Modelbox is no longer part of the group. We relocated to Devon but thanks to the miracles of modern technology, our service remains unchanged. In fact in some ways it has improved! We are now happy to take orders from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, and meetings with clients can be held either in London, at the client's offices or, if you fancy a trip to the country, in Devon! 

Modelbox drawings are available either on paper or electronically using the Modelbox License Scheme. To view the range of drawings, please visit the online shop.


Modelbox has a design services facilty. This is a service offered to production managers, designers and lighting designers to assist them in preparing a production or tour.

Other services - technical drawing of sets and theatres, stage surveying and the supplying of stage plans on paper or electronically. 

Modelbox is run by Stephen Wentworth with more than 40 years experience in theatre and the entertainment industry. 

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